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"Moving From Execution Management to Executive Leadership"

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Meet Dr. Rodney Agan, CEO/Founder of Connexus Group. Learn how these 8 weeks can change your life FOREVER! Through these proprietary leadership processes and tools, you will see an IMMEDIATE change in BOTH your personal and professional life. 

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Which of these statements
describes you now?

On a scale of 1-10 (1-Very Poor /10 Awesome)  yourself on each statement below

"I am confused about what to do next"


"I am not leading myself or others very well right now"


"I need more focus on my family and other relationships"


"I feel less secure financially than I have in the past"


"My level of stress is affecting my health"


"Sometimes I even question my own ability to lead"

My questions for you:
"What will it cost if you DON'T figure it out?"
"Where do you see yourself headed in 3-5 years?"

8 Weeks of Seismic Growth

March 9 - April 27
(2 Calls weekly)


Execution Management to Executive Leadership

All leaders get frustrated and stuck at various stages in life. We will take a deep-dive into the barriers you are facing. Opportunities and obstacles are integral parts of the leadership cycle. You will gain clarity and passion toward becoming a world-class leader.

Stress Triggers, Reactions & Needs

You were wired to perform. When a stress trigger creates a stress reaction, it is an indicator that your needs have not been met. We will identify what creates your stress and develop a plan to both recognize and avoid stress reactions.

You will receive a Birkman® Signature Report Assessment.

9 Behaviors Affecting Your Emotional Intelligence

We will do a deep-dive into Social Energy, Physical Energy, Emotional Energy, Assertiveness, Restlessness, Self-Consciousness, Thought, Incentives and Insistence. 

KPI's to Scaling Your Capacity

In these sessions, we will help you identify and create the Key Performance Indicators to gauge your current leadership capacity. You will create an action plan to expand your capacity, allowing you to grow to another level as a leader.

You will receive a Personality Imprint™ Assessment.

Transformational Leadership

Identify and develop the personal style of leadership that is unique to you and quickly improve your effectiveness at leading yourself and others. Learn how to maximize your strengths to inspire others – gaining increased alignment on overall expectations, perceptions and motivations and outcomes.

Packing a Powerful reLaunch

This is what we have been waiting for and working on since the start. We will walk through your personalized Leadership reLaunch Plan. Whether you work alone, run a team, or lead an organization, you will be much more readily prepared to lead it with increased confidence and passion. 

The Proof is in the IMPACT

These proprietary leadership processes impacted their LEADERSHIP, their REVENUE and their ORGANIZATION!

"Rodney and I prescribe to the same organizational culture of servant leadership and that we encourage innovative outside the box thinking and actions. I highly value his insight, practical advice and how he has engaged and encouraged our executive management team.  I highly recommend Dr. Agan to any organization that truly desires to raise the bar on accountability to excellence and leadership development." 
CEO Multi-national Manufacturing $300Million Revenue

"I was able to take my business to the next level. As I prepared to go from operating one store to becoming the leader of an organization, he provided new tools and mindset to develop my leaders and frame the organizational structure for maximum results."
Chick-fil-A Multi-Unit Operator 

"Through his expertise, insights, and professional assessments, Dr. Agan was able to re-define and re-shape some of the processes for my company. I not only gained new clarity and vision, but my profit margin has greatly increased as a result. I recommend Connexus Group for leaders who have a desire to grow."
CEO Financial Investment Firm

Dr. Rodney Agan

He is a Culture-Shaping, People-Encouraging, Team-Building, Thought-Provoking, High-Energy Leader. He is the Founder and CEO of Connexus Group. He works with high capacity leaders to maximize their leadership skills, influence and income.